“All I Need” by Kyp Harness






Well they came and shut me down

On a bright and sunny day

I was tryin’ to walk a tightrope

They took the tightrope away


So I turned up my collar and I turned to the East

And shook that dust right off my shoes

Funny when you take everything away from someone

They start actin’ like they got nothin’ to lose


All I need is your love

All I need is your love

All I need is your love

To get through


Never been in with the in crowd

Never knew what the special code was for

I never got the secret handshake

Never got in on the ground floor


All I need is your love

All I need is your love

All I need is your love

To know what for


Ain’t goin’ back down to the village

Ain’t nothin’ left there worth pursuin’

And anything that has to be done by today

Well, to me just ain’t worth doin’


Swarms of sparrows in the sunset

Swoopin’ and flyin’ through the sky

I could walk from here to forever

And never match what’s right before my eyes


All I need is your love

All I need is your love

All I need is your love

To get by



© 2016 by Kyp Harness

Song “Fields of Plenty”

Kyp Harness song Fields of Plenty from the album

The Miracle Business (2004)

Recently covered below by Ron Sexsmith:



Fields of plenty
are right outside your door
Just when you think there is no more
when you’re down to your last penny

Fields of plenty
can be seen in the eyes
Of the ones who cause the sun to rise
Gazin’ on the world so old, knowin’ they behold
the fields of plenty

Fields of plenty
may seem beyond your touch
But you can reach them even with your crutch
if you start out late or early

Fields of plenty
they ain’t no ordinary field
You just step forward and you’re healed
In a blaze of light, day or night
in fields of plenty

Honey don’t wait up for me tonight
I’m goin’ down, I’m goin’ down
I’m goin’ down

To the fields of plenty
just on the other side of that wall
Where so many strive to have it all
and others don’t have any

Fields of plenty
brighter than the lights that shine on high
Appearin’ in the twinkling of an eye
On yonder hill, we’re dreamin’ still
of fields of plenty

On yonder hill, we’re headin’ still
for fields of plenty

© 2003 PorterBeach Records⁄Kyp Harness


Still Learning




We brought you home from the hospital in a brand new baby car seat

In a dirty old taxi cab that we hailed

Although it might as well have been a rocket ship you travelled in

From across whatever galaxies you sailed

Now you’re only two feet tall and you can hardly see at all

And you don’t understand much of what you do

Excepting for your size and for the colour of your eyes

There’s not much difference between your old pa and you

But we’re still learning, we’re still learning

I got to say I always planned to have a little more well in hand

Before the arrival of someone like you

But now you’ve made your entrance I guess we’ll stick with the tradition

Of somehow just muddling through

No I haven’t made much money and though it might seem funny

Probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did

Each task I’ve tried to undertake I always seemed to learn the hard way,

Guess the same’ll go for raising you, kid

But I’m still learning, I’m still learning

And as you’re lookin’ ‘round

There’s so much more to be found

On the way to where you’re bound, but for now

You got to be carried around –

Now you’re hungry and you’re cryin’, one would almost think you’re dyin’

Listenin’ to the noise that you make

But one thing you’ll never know is how you’ve caused this love to grow

In these two hearts with new morning you awake

You’re like the fireflies on a summer night, you’re the red ribbon first prize

You’re like a neverending sunrise to me

You’re a waterfall, you’re a windfall, you’re a bright light in a dark hall

And I still can’t say all the things you’re gonna be, because you see-

I’m still learning, I’m still learning


Copyright © Kyp Harness 2015

All Her Love


All Her Love


song written, composed by Kyp Harness

sung by Dan Kershaw





Wandering Heart

First explosions of the morning
Wandering heart awakens roaming
Silently unfolding ‘cross the sky
And slowly forming on my eyes
She stands upon the edge of time
With her angel of doom as the cold sun shines
On the ice upon her ragged wings

I know your road is lonely
I can’t believe that you chose me
I will follow you
Even if this dream should be untrue
I will follow you

A million years and a million tears
There’s nothing left to chain me here
My heart is full but my hands are empty
I need someplace to go where I’ll be
Free beyond this cloud of doubt and the bleak machinery of fear
Wandering heart
Don’t let me slide

I know your road is lonely
I can’t believe that you chose me
I will follow you
Even if this dream should be untrue
I will follow you

Let the music of your beauty fly
Let the living live and the dying die
Let me disappear into the mystery
And the silent shadows of what will be
The world we know is fading and no-one will mourn its passing
Wandering heart
Come dance with me

I know your road is lonely
I can’t believe that you chose me
I will follow you
Even if this dream should be untrue
I will follow you



Kyp Harness © 2011




New video by Kyp Harness


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Kyp Harness ‘Best of Album’

23 song of the “the best of” Kyp Harness’ critical acclaimed career spanning over 25 years

Kyp's Greatest Sensations

“A great writer” – Daniel Lanois

“Harness has amassed a songbook that should rightfully be hailed as a national treasure” – Exclaim Magazine

“A Toronto version of a Lucinda Williams or a Nick Cave…he’s a stone genius.” – CBC

“He’s as smart and natural a writer as our Nation has to offer.” –  Herohill.

“Oddball or genius? You decide…Harness has delivered a uniquely skewed minor masterpiece that allows him to sit proudly with the likes of Robyn Hitchcock.” –Americana UK

“A radar-evading singer-songwriter who packs more fine lines into four minutes than Shakespeare and Ron Sexsmith combined” – Globe and Mail


Today’s the release of ‘Greatest Sensations’ – a 23 track ‘Best Of’ compilation in time for Xmas, thanks to Porterbeach Records, Amatish music and others, and to the production/playing talents of Dale Morningstar, Don Kerr, Bob Wiseman, David Pedliham, Paul Linklater, David Picco and others — Including a new track/song ‘I Hurt’, played solos – yours to stream or download for a nominal fee https://kypharness.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-sensations

23 track album
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