Private-Parts – A Documentary Directed by my daughter Ava Harness

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Private-Parts: A Documentary on Sex Ed and Democracy


Private-Parts: A Documentary on Sex Ed and Democracy

3 hrs ·

Private-Parts is a documentary that explores the personal effects that the Ontario sex education curriculum change has had on its’ students, teachers and parents, told from their own words and shown through their daily lives.

Doug Ford has reverted the 2015 curriculum back to the 1998 one, which excludes topics like consent, the LGBTQ+ community, indigenous culture and cyber-bullying – topics that the 2015 curriculum required to be taught.

Thousands of children are now learning that their families, their sexuality or gender are not ‘normal’ enough to be mentioned in their schooling. This film is incredibly important because it is critical to portray these families and students and give them a chance to voice their opinions.

By supporting our page and spreading the word, we will be able to reach everyone that wants to be a part of the film and we will be able to create material that showcases the heart of the problem.

If you want to have your voice heard or support the film, you can follow our page and reach out to us through it, or through our email.

We are including all walks of opinion.

Poster by Ava Denise Harness

Directed by Ava Denise Harness