Book 18: Fire and more, 2016, Edge Unlimited Publishing

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Fire and more,: The poetry of Allison Grayhurst


Fire and more. front cover

This book, Fire and more, and all of its content are the copyright © of Allison Grayhurst 2016


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Book 18

Fire and more,

(2016, Edge Unlimited Publishing; ASIN:B01BO7P7DM ; ISBN-13: 978-1517327279; ISBN-10: 151732727X)


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new poem – not a poem




Old Goriot




If You Wait…


More than theory




Blue World


Solider Boy


After Love . . .


How We Live


When The City Speaks


In Waiting


My Tiger Lilly


Lost Night


Fish Hook


Love’s Atmosphere


Over the Wishing Pond


When I Close My Eyes


The Flower’s Womb




At The End




This Love


Giving Roses and Bread


So long and lucky


When He Left You


The one good thing to make good all things


Green Is This Day


Last Gesture Before Sleep


Chinaglass Smile


Beggar Island






Last Beat


pure captivity




Crystal dark


All one child


When I met an angel she was on a subway car






But I was…


No Stone  No God


Empty drawer


I can see the sun


Entering the organic spa-spot


Rite of Passage


I have been born


dead cold moon


The Stain




Blue light


I am a definition


…I exit!


Too damaged to be renewed


Riding bareback


If I knew this haunting


And though the news is bad


Trial and Witness


Make the wind