Free PDF download of books

All my books are now available for a free PDF download on my site. The titles are listed under “Pages”, scrolling down past the sculptures on the side bar, past the book covers and full list of categories, before the copyright.

Clicking on the book title will take you to  a page where you can find the link for the free download. If instead, you would still like to purchase the books in paperback or kindle, they are still available on all amazon sites.

Reviews of any of my books are most welcome, either on amazon or by sending me an e-mail at Once received, I will post it on my website.

Thank you in advance for reading.



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  1. annjohnsonmurphree – I am an individual that has experience life with nothing more than “minimal creature comforts”. Born into a motherless life, making my way to adult situation that was habitually harmful, within that realm of ambiguity I created five beautiful children, three of whom God has allowed me to keep close to me, two he has taken away from me. I reached an age where there were more years behind me than ahead of me. With that thought, I moved out of a life that I had become accustomed, jumping feet first into a world where I believed that I could survive, bringing with me my most important treasures, my children. Years go by quickly and I made the decision to “dream” and “live” these last years as the person I wanted to be, a writer. Good or bad…I had something to say, my life and my experiences would be my subjects, and I learned the term “faction”. Welcome to my world. ajm
    annjohnsonmurphree says:

    You are a source of inspiration to me…keep creating those wonderful poems and sculpture’s.

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