3 responses to “Two poems published in Ann Arbor Review

  1. annjohnsonmurphree – I am an individual that has experience life with nothing more than “minimal creature comforts”. Born into a motherless life, making my way to adult situation that was habitually harmful, within that realm of ambiguity I created five beautiful children, three of whom God has allowed me to keep close to me, two he has taken away from me. I reached an age where there were more years behind me than ahead of me. With that thought, I moved out of a life that I had become accustomed, jumping feet first into a world where I believed that I could survive, bringing with me my most important treasures, my children. Years go by quickly and I made the decision to “dream” and “live” these last years as the person I wanted to be, a writer. Good or bad…I had something to say, my life and my experiences would be my subjects, and I learned the term “faction”. Welcome to my world. ajm
    writerannjohnsonmurphree says:

    Congratulations on the publishing of your poetry. Ann

  2. Carl – I love music, poetry and fiction. Sometimes, I write essays. It is my outlet. Creating art helps me in my recovery.
    Carl says:

    Congratulations! In particular, I love the second one. Having gone to school in Ann Arbor, I have an affinity for that journal.

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