CD with excerpt of poem “Days Without Water”


In October 2012, French bass player and jazz composer

Nicolas Moreaux found my poetry book and contacted me,

asking permission to use a portion of my poem

Days Without Water on his CD entitled

Fall SomewhereSince its release last January, 

the CD has received articles in the French press,

and also won a price called

“Le Grand Prix Du Disque Charles Cros”.,_feat._bill_mchenry-cd-5816.html

cd with poem on it 1 


Below is a link to where the CD is available for purchase:,_feat._bill_mchenry-cd-5816.html


Nicolas Moreaux’s website:


and the full poem Days Without Water:



Days Without Water


My arms grow weary

under the wheel

Skulls in my pockets

and a mountain up ahead

with flesh and jaw bone



I search for his airborne heart

in the crevices of clouds


I search for his pure

brave gaze in the way

birds with wing graze

the edge of each rainbow, anew


I walk into autumn’s

darkening rays, lonely

as the architecture of church walls,

lonely as the light

in the half-closed eyes

of children


I think again of his thin fingers

exhaling tenderness in every blind curve touch


He is milk & wind

He is nowhere

to be found




Copyright © 1995 by Allison Grayhurst



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