Four book reviews by Ann Johnson-Murphree

Review of ‘The Longing To Be’:

“What can I say about Allison Grayhurst and her creativity that has not already been said…she is a prolific poet. Her poetry has touched my heart and soul,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet and author.


The Longing to Be Review


Review of ‘Pushing Through the Jelly Fire’:

“Another Grayhurst masterpiece, Allison’s work has inspired me to continue creating and reading poetry,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet.


Review of ‘The Many Lights of Eden’:

“I have been slow at responding to reviews for Allison Grayhurst due to summer’s busy days, however she brings life to each poem, heart to the images and everyone should have a collection of Grayhurst Poetry,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet.


Review of ‘For Every Rain’:

“Great collection, once again outstanding creativity,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet.


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