Ground Bird Flown


Ground Bird Flown


Layers of clear

rainbow shine guide

you through the pyramid portal into

open air revelation.

Joy on a stick, in your soft eyes,

closed in death, with permanent grace.


For all the gifts your gave,

daily miracles, flutterings,

vocalizations, accumulating in song.

For your fragile vessel, energy octave

higher than us wingless dwellers.


Your fearless power streaked

into the lining of your feathered coat,

patterned gold thick veins

washed in sparkling sand.


Beautiful Sage of the flowerbed gardens,

the blueberry, the hempseed swallow,

fearless messenger, angelic power

bound in a small body, you were 

loved completely for everything

that you were, gave,

held lifeforce for. You were

soft, demanding and rich

with good humour


stretching, expanding

higher, wider, wings aflare, lifting

in pure vibrant dance, puffed and proud,

your freedom actualized, raised

only inches off the ground.



Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst


Published in “Synchronized Chaos” October 2017

Synchronized Chaos October 2017: Charting Your Course on a Changing Sea

Poetry from Allison Grayhurst


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