Interview on JD DeHart – Reading and Literature Resources

Interview on JD DeHart – Reading and Literature Resources, August 2017


1. What drives you to write?
In all honesty, God drives me to write or not to write. I wait for inspiration and there is only one source of that inspiration for me, and that is God – no matter the subject  matter or tone of the poem.
2.  What are you reading and writing right now?
I am reading Wigford Rememberies by Kyp Harness – one of the greatest authors of this or any time.
I am also rereading Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours – Love Poems to God.
I am working on my latest book of poetry called the Fault of Sages. It begins with a longer, eight-page poem, taking the journey of one soul through two lifetimes – one as a tyrant and the last as a monk. It is called New Wheel – The Passage of Arnik. So far, the rest of the poems collected for that book are shorter.
3.  Where can we go online to learn more about you?
My website has all of my poems available to read online  as well as a free PDF download of all my available books . My work is also available for free reading on ISSUU  or for hardcopy and kindle purchase at Amazon
Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Diane Barbarash is in the process of making a album of eight of my poems which she has transformed into songs, to be released later this year.
A rough draft of the first song can be heard here:

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