Flaw Mended in the System-Sphere


Flaw Mended in the System-Sphere



The ground is a pond

widening into a lake.

Before and around me,

tiny turtles, thriving

in the early morning calm.

A spinning globe expanding,

a blessing that saturates even backwards

into the folds of yesteryears’ jaundice.

Where will it take me? Out of the vice-lock gripping my gut,

out of days and decades of useless but obligatory activity,

out of the prison cell with thick walls of searing flames

and no sink or stream to gather water.

I want a life to own loudly on all fronts,

a life where every part of every day is glorious, even

the hard parts, the grief, the quivering breath of a vision

temporarily lost and the sand beds swelling

with capsized bodies.

Where I could say that is mine, a flavour in my quest

for purification, a motion of love and delectable intensity.


The land is stretching its fingers, gathering space,

claiming territory. I want the rising ripple.

I cannot live much longer bonded to the wall,

chained at the throat and joints. I cannot keep

making up stories of how this is acceptable or anything

other than a secret punishment to justify

love gathered and love received. I dissolve that belief

and nod to the oncoming wave.


Drown these brick-wall flames,

drown my boots and my gloves, gather me naked

into your ride, over this barrier, into a deeper maturity,

where I will know fulfillment on all fronts

– field, home, city streets –

aligned, nourished, in service.



© 2018 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “New Ink Review” April 2018

Three Poems: Allison Grayhurst


Published in “Synchronized Chaos” May 2018




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