Gathering Joy for the Eye of God


Gathering Joy for the Eye of God



For the lions and toads

in salvation’s nakedness

gather joy for the eye of God


For the squirrels that leap and the thrushes

that fly into clouds and the morning sky

like a pink sea, capturing the delight

of every waking child

For the infant who cut his toe

and the pregnant woman dancing stripped of clothes

For the cat watching out the window

and the stallion and mare in mating fury

For grass returning after being crushed by snow

and music seeping from a woman’s middle-aged throat

For the one-winged hawk and the blind opossum

For the architect’s dream and the writer’s

unwritten vision

For the loneliness inherent in us all

and the longing and the ways for fulfilment

For the graveyards in the fall and the elephants drunk

on African leaves, for those who hear the insects’ cheep

and for those who burn, blind, undefined

and raging

For the television screen enjoyed by two

and the worm rescued from a torrential rain

For those who love and those who choose

to forgive though every nerve commands

their heart to harden and yield to hate


gather joy for the eye of God.



© 1992 by Allison Grayhurst



Published in “Academy of the Heart and Mind” October 2018



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