World Away

World Away



        World away of hollows

where light escapes, gets

through, flourishes in the

sluggish dream of humans.

        World of many layers – up

to pure communion and down

with the languishing un-animal beasts.

        Rivers that flow and merge, travel down.

Oceans rise up, their surfaces new,

surfaces discovered – air, sometimes just

air, other times, divine space where eyes

can come close in, examine the stars.

      World away of purple and gold,

merging lava with its harmony above.

Thorns that wake the many sleepers,

places where forgiveness is the only escape.

      Stones are mirrors, their surfaces blurred,

their boundaries unmasked and glorious flowers are


      World away where the faith in money

is a mouse-trap, catching souls, keeping them there,

broken and anguishing.

      World above of pure worship

and simple communion – smells move like lust,

desires amplified, approved,

like electric current-catalysts

for standard-accepted-forms of fulfilment.

        Colours of elms and of eagles, everything

less thick and less challenging.

Heads up, love

the obvious go-to solution.

        World away of patchwork tunnels,

going down, going up, a journey

matched in the imagination –

many dimensions, many limitations

added or lifted.

Moon half. Moon whole.

        World away where

walking forward with truth at the helm

is the maker of glory,

a living lucky charm.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Medusa’s Kitchen” September 2020



Published in “The Academy of The Heart and Mind” October 2020



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