With this breastplate

forged in the fires of tangible Hell,

I will go forward, doling out

gifts that God entrusted me with,

feeding sparrows, starlings and squirrels.


I will command my days with a mature discipline,

more so tied to the wind in a place of freedom,

boundaries set by my soul.


Everyday I will eat and be grateful.

I will leave my licence plate in the gutter,

travel light like I did when I was younger,

one knapsack for years – live in this home

but claim no possessions. I will listen,


pitch my tent in any wood

as long as the birds guide me there,

and I will keep myself breathing,

full of breath –

active, on watch.


I will love, love like I do

with a personal intensity

the ones that feed me with their love,

keep me in grace and breakdown the shadows.


With this breastplate I will go,

for I know how evil consumes

in small amounts with small yeses,

small indulgences that grow into

a vast hole.


I will wear sandals in the summer,

a jacket in the winter and this breastplate,

now grafted to my skin,

willfully dreaming this journey forward,

surfacing uninhabited shores.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “BlogNostics” October 2020



You can listen to the poem by clicking below:

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