Down Between

Down Between



Down between

this between

the walls of dignity and duty.


Death tells me to sleep,

close the shades and curl up.


The future is a mountain,

madness with no clear line

of victory.

The future is a necklace

I broke but must somehow mend

and try to wear.


I refuse this burden

too blob-like, inhospitable to bear.

I refuse the harm of martyrdom,

the distorted secrets divulged in dreams.


Nail it to the wall, pour boiled water

on it and let it cook until it no longer bleeds.

End this relationship as it reduces your strength

to a failed conclusion.


Flood the garden, drain it

and plant chrysanthemums.


Copyright © 2021 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Impspired – Issue 10 and print anthology Volume 5” April/May 2021



Published in “Synchronized Chaos” April 2021



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