Sorrow finds him,

primary, raw,

leave-taking, unexpected

as a push into freezing waters.


Cold sister of the kill,

hostile in life and in dreams.

It is good you are gone, I think.

I think it would have been better

if you could have gained depth,

and seen it through.


There will be grief. There will be more

hurting, but your ship is out on the ocean

and he doesn’t want you back on shore,

for he knows, nothing is worth holding

that doesn’t want to be held.


He is a Prince whose light is fed from the heavens.

He will experience extraordinary love,

raise children, hold a steady fulfilment

that nothing can snatch away.


There will be a building up after this devastation.

Eventually, he will see this loss as a gift,

a making room for a happiness

that requires no analysis and will not break

when it needs to leap.


Copyright © 2021 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Synchronized Chaos” April 2021




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