Violet-hue star of mighty purity,

a fixed point, directly overhead, anointing,

a release from the symbiotic purgatory-fold,

from the loop fire enduring coil

and the billowing dead land once before me.


I will build a bonfire and dance

under this eight-billion-year-old star,

no longer held hostage by what I know,

inevitable observations, time turned to stone,

locked in one position, dammed to have no meaning,

no longer trapped in a rippling tremble, continuous

and static state.


I will lean into this bright gathering,

translating the bursting floral mastery

of endless constellations, keeping my height,

keeping my mind, ready to engage

in a divine exchange, discourse.



Copyright © 2022 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Ink Pantry” June 2022




Published in “Poets’ Espresso Review, Rings of the Moon, Volume 14 Issue 5” August 2023


Click to access Poets-Espresso-Review-Vol.-14-Issue-5-August-2023-Template.pdf




You can listen to the poem by clicking below:


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