Alchemy completion


Alchemy completion


Far enough

to line the bed with

lavender clouds,

pull off the covers

and be entombed.

Fine sleep and soft

tenderness warming limbs,

wetting where it warms,

soon to cool – breathing like

singing, lines smeared into

unified devotion, matching frequencies,

backward, forward leading toward a tower

to leap off of, a bed to stretch on, sink into.

It is holy, mud-caked, drawn curtains torn

from their rod. It is thinking in intonations

and shades, a cascading buzz riveting from

bone to bone – two spliced and joining opposite halves,

a power equal in its mercy. Far enough,

just there, drawing breath on the summit, dissolving

boundaries in sensual elevation, far enough

continuing, collapsing, swallowed

into the pitching current.



Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst


.Published in “GloMag” April 2017



Published in “Rasputin: a poetry thread” April 2017


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