Book 30: If I Knew This Haunting, 2019, Edge Unlimited Publishing


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Book 30 – If I Knew This Haunting – The poetry of Allison Grayhurst



This book, If I Knew This Haunting, and all of its content are the copyright © of Allison Grayhurst 2019




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Book 30

If I Knew This Haunting

(2019, Edge Unlimited Publishing; ASIN: B07VQWS6PZ; ISBN-13: 9781082365133; ISBN-10: 1082365130)



Links to read each poem within the book:




A Glimpse




Slipping off the Side


A Journey in Four Parts


Bulb Flower


Face to Face


Even Though


Out of Dreams


Daughter of the Streets


Once and Forever


You Shaped My Song, Then Left




Heavy As Any Ache


Waking Up


Little Fly




A Day To Recognize


City Unborn


It Takes You


Whenever I touch him


The Ground We Touch


The River


But if I Look


Gathering Joy for the Eye of God


Seed of Living


Rocking Towers


Pieces to Gather


We Rode


After the Day


I Dreamt Again


Something New


Years Before His Resurrection


Dried Heroism


The Journey Continued in Four Parts