Book 11: If I Get There – Poems of Faith and Doubt, a collection, 2012, Edge Unlimited Publishing

Link to free download of book:

Book 11 – If I Get There – Poems of Faith and Doubt, a collection – The poetry of Allison Grayhurst


This book, If I Get There – Poems of Faith and Doubt, and all of its content are the copyright © of Allison Grayhurst 2012



You can purchase the book in paperback or kindle:



Book 11

If I Get There – Poems of Faith and Doubt, a collection

(2012, Edge Unlimited Publishing; ASIN: B00CIZQGI0; ISBN-10: 1479348740; ISBN-13: 978-1479348749)


Links to read each poem within the book:




Bless The Fallen




For This Face Only You Could Alter


Nothing Without You


Safe In You


The Jesus Fire


Lessons at the End of the Rope






The Quenchable Drain Within


When I Close My Eyes


Walk Low


Purest Obedience


Near Daybreak


In A Stillness


Sheaves of Time


Within This Hour




You Were There


The Gift


New Commitment






A Moment of Clarity


The Voice We Love


Because of You


The God I Follow


On Edge


The Last One


As Mad As Mine


It is not new


Bellythroes of God


At Last


This Love


Call Me By Name


In The Name


Pulled from the Lifeless Waters


I Know That


Until The Ladder Shows


Always There


One Grain


Slice the pony


Jesus in the Counter-Stream






The Hand That Came


The Flood


One Light


The bough breaks


Another Level


My Flower


We Ask For Light




The Luminous Light


Where Love Draws The Line


In The Thighs


Blind Spot


Easter Faith








On My Belly


I Was Soothed


I Try To Breathe


Drove Me Down




Letting it out


Let the wound not win


Jesus in my basement


deeper layer of love


The Long Pitstop


Heaven must be active




This Hope




This spirit is speaking


Impossible, Only Possible Way






I have to push deep,


A Way To Joy


Hell is High


If I Get There


No Ground


I let go


Bare Essentials


On Solid Ground








Will you keep me


Grace mightier than Natural Law


Structures I pretend to own


Rapture When Walking




I heard a poet say




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