Photo poem “Onslaught Cloud”



Onslaught Cloud



        When courage is smoke,

and it takes far too much effort

to build a mound to stop the flood,

        when fears and the bleeding winds of reality

destroy the indestructible diamond, turn it

into dust particles, lapped up

by the tongue of unsuspecting animals,

and the storm, it digs a wound like a valley,

red and brutal,

        when that happens, it is time to sleep, dream

of better days, watch TV, read and listen to other people’s stories,

bury your battle-slain heart under the covers and wait

for meaning.

        Meaning when found will restore courage,

soothe the raw chasm, give faith in the setting sun

and maybe even

press up against you, thundering,

a glorious beauty.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Medusa’s Kitchen” September 2020



Published in “The Academy of The Heart and Mind” October 2020




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Prometheus Speaks – photo poem



Prometheus Speaks



Prometheus speaks

from my bathroom tiles, wailing

his defiance and fiery nightingale burning

with his tongue still unrooted

and his limbs bound to the rock, spread

like wings – Titan of the windfall, humanity’s

hope and champion, more brilliant than

his dumb and primitive siblings, more committed

than their arrogant and willful offspring.


Prometheus in the shower curtain, dripping

liquid fire down the drain, plunging

into the underworld depths

then up for a greater torment to meet the predator bird,

dispelling all screams and ghosts and holding tight

to his suffering-throne and his compassion

for such a flawed creation.


Prometheus finally rescued

as the warm water exerts itself from on high,

– strong Herculean flow –

the wounded centaur accepting his fate.

Flow Prometheus,

trustworthy, burning, speaking

your conquering gospel,

the first crucifixion

the first flame ignited

before love’s great inception.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “As It Ought To Be Magazine” September 2020



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