Say good, say goodbye

Say good, say goodbye


Bright in the box in the cupboard

where the keepers of conscience and trivia

highjack the pacing depths

to replace it with an easily peeled-off

sheen. It is time to bloom,

to say goodbye to books and playballs of requisitions,

decoding philosophy and revelations in tune

with taking a stance.


Death, I am a robin’s feast with

dandelion breath

stalling at the toddler tree

worshiping what is yet to bud.


Death, you made me confused, me,

the revealer of the signs,

mountain-top screamer, fencer for

a fourth-dimensional world.


Flat rocks in a circle, gulls circling

one graveyard, spot

of significant mourning. Faint lines.

But God is solid, exact, without

need of interpretation. Death


is only a layer reached

and removed, when traveled

then traveled through.



Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst

First published in “Setu, Fifth Issue” October 2016
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I will make my way across the water

I will make my way across the water


I will push my way

through the threshold,

bend over the edge then

let myself go – gravity,

mudslides and rock edges

will dictate my descent, but

I will look up and witness

the starlings amongst the sparrows,

the dislodged grass sprouts that take

the fall with me, above me

in gentle wave-like motions

with the wind.


These limbs will crash,

be cut from their flesh, and I will break

only to be reborn, a sapling, myself

graced with lifetimes of memories, stretching

my stem gradually into the light.


In time, animals will flourish under

my shaded canopy, and lovers

will carve their initials into my skin,

promising one another their exclusive eternity.


I will make my way across the water,

over the threshold and fall

to embrace the ground I came from.


Spread low, spread high – a century

or more guardian, a tree-fort reaper in a forest

far across the hill and still




Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Random Poem Tree” February 2017

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Published in  “JD DeHart – Reading and Literature Resources” August 2017



You can listen to the poem by clicking below: