Book 1: Journey of the Awakening, 1997, Edge Unlimited Publishing

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Journey of the Awakening: The poetry of Allison Grayhurst


This book, Journey of the Awakening, and all of its content are the copyright © of Allison Grayhurst 1997



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Book 1

Journey of the Awakening

(1997, Edge Unlimited Publishing; ASIN: B00CH6WO5Y; ISBN-10: 1478189339; ISBN-13: 978-1478189336)


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The Unfolding


As I Sleep


Welcome The Death


Seizing Time


Being Followed


Young Visionary


Liquid Grey


Thieves Of Muse


Through That Day


This Is Not To Suffer


On Tour




Truth To Be Told


Not Enough




For Waldo


When Worlds Collapse


Oldest of Wars Between All Lonely Breasts






Beggar Island




Bless The Fallen


Dreams Renounced


Missing You


So Much Glory Stillborn




Bed Fellow


Shell of a Serpent


It is not like hell


When One Falters




Two Hundred Years Gone


If This My Person . . .


With These Things


When We Spoke Again


After Rejection . . . (if only)


To Die For The Heart’s Illusions




You came to me


If You Wait . . .


Blood-red Symphony


I Lived an Error


This Love We Hold


I Dream This Shelter, This Precipice


Country Ride


Unmasking the Bone


Have Faith In The Fall


In a Room With Somebodies


To Walk Without Shape or Sound


He of Fear and Hunger


Thin Rope To Hold


I Watch My Shelter Fall


No Telling


In Some Uncertain Future


As Far As This Light




The Foliage of Our Music




Battleground on the Inside




Seeking the Balanced Degree


Rain in the morning


For This Face Only You Could Alter


Love Unknown




I Hope Your Dreams Anew


This Wound, This Reminder


Because of course


As My Blindness Burns


To Learn the Scarlet Vision


When This We Feel


They told me of


Which Way Descending?


On Foot


A World Away


Safe In You


My colours would be grey






Journey & Drink




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