Book 12: Wallpaper Stars, 2013, Edge Unlimited Publishing

Link to free download of book:

Book 12 – Wallpaper Stars – The poetry of Allison Grayhurst

This book, Wallpaper Stars, and all of its content are the copyright © of Allison Grayhurst 2013



You can purchase the book in paperback or kindle:



Book 12

Wallpaper Stars

(2013, Edge Unlimited Publishing; ASIN: B00DQBDZAW; ISBN-10: 1490499172; ISBN-13: 978-1490499178)


Links to read each poem within the book:





The laws that find me bind me


Under mosaic whisperings


Complete, but




Ceramic-tile stuck


If it is empty then it is empty




Grazing on the flow


Saltwater Sprint


Our children are orchards


The fault of sages


Plunging into a chilled lake, muscles arrested, infinity found


Spread your Fullness


If I was responsible




Growing the grey


Making up questions










The Book






There are names


Under the vines




Govinda in the mud


The means to obliterate


We sorrowed far when the sky tore,


Fill the ghosts with upward rejoicing


In Labour


Fire and more,


Where are you? I’ve been calling


Tidalwave Making Moon


Before you






With the purity of a single intention



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