elegy of this day being – the song and the poem


River – songs from the poetry of Allison Grayhurst






The Poem:


elegy of this day being


At the throat, brushed green like tile I shine.

The devil says “hum-drum”

as the eel struggles, futile like a wagging tail.

So many broken, hating with the hardness of crocodiles

and ants, pulling along their dead,

to consume, knowing nothing of sorrow or forgiveness.

All night I sit with my naked thighs

on the carpet, red from the heat.

What point could there possibly be

to all this pain, the death

of others, the sickness that swarms in mid-air?

Hurricanes hit the graveyards.

A gull tilts on a telephone wire. I wish to bid goodbye.

I wish for ice-cream cones in my fridge,

a handful of poppies to give some child,

any child, I meet.

I see dead eyes in my dream,

glossed with mucous and unbearable vacancy.

How do I serve when the world is so cold?

The humpbacks know this, the midgets

and also the centipedes.

I want to hide in rooms where

infants are sleeping or salamanders nurse their young.

The darkness is in me. The ground deceives me,

changes colours as I go.

Let us go now, my nightmares

and I, go under the light, go until

our heart’s blood is free-falling, exposed.



Copyright © 1998 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in the summer 2012 issue of “Parabola” called Alone & Together






Song by Diane Barbarash with lyrics from the poem “Animal Sanctuary” by Allison Grayhurst

Animal Sanctuary

Music, vocals and arrangement by Diane Barbarash, lyrics from the poem “Animal Sanctuary” by Allison Grayhurst.

Featured Writer: Allison Grayhust accompanied by Folk Singer Diane Barbarash


Published in “Duane’s PoeTree” April 2017




Kyp Harness ‘Best of Album’

23 song of the “the best of” Kyp Harness’ critical acclaimed career spanning over 25 years

Kyp's Greatest Sensations

“A great writer” – Daniel Lanois

“Harness has amassed a songbook that should rightfully be hailed as a national treasure” – Exclaim Magazine

“A Toronto version of a Lucinda Williams or a Nick Cave…he’s a stone genius.” – CBC

“He’s as smart and natural a writer as our Nation has to offer.” –  Herohill.

“Oddball or genius? You decide…Harness has delivered a uniquely skewed minor masterpiece that allows him to sit proudly with the likes of Robyn Hitchcock.” –Americana UK

“A radar-evading singer-songwriter who packs more fine lines into four minutes than Shakespeare and Ron Sexsmith combined” – Globe and Mail


Today’s the release of ‘Greatest Sensations’ – a 23 track ‘Best Of’ compilation in time for Xmas, thanks to Porterbeach Records, Amatish music and others, and to the production/playing talents of Dale Morningstar, Don Kerr, Bob Wiseman, David Pedliham, Paul Linklater, David Picco and others — Including a new track/song ‘I Hurt’, played solos – yours to stream or download for a nominal fee https://kypharness.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-sensations

23 track album
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CD with excerpt of poem “Days Without Water”


In October 2012, French bass player and jazz composer

Nicolas Moreaux found my poetry book and contacted me,

asking permission to use a portion of my poem

Days Without Water on his CD entitled

Fall SomewhereSince its release last January, 

the CD has received articles in the French press,

and also won a price called

“Le Grand Prix Du Disque Charles Cros”.



cd with poem on it 1cd with poem on it 4 cd with poem on it 3


Below is a link to where the CD is available for purchase:



Nicolas Moreaux’s website:



and the full poem Days Without Water:



Days Without Water


My arms grow weary

under the wheel

Skulls in my pockets

and a mountain up ahead

with flesh and jaw bone



I search for his airborne heart

in the crevices of clouds


I search for his pure

brave gaze in the way

birds with wing graze

the edge of each rainbow, anew


I walk into autumn’s

darkening rays, lonely

as the architecture of church walls,

lonely as the light

in the half-closed eyes

of children


I think again of his thin fingers

exhaling tenderness in every blind curve touch


He is milk & wind

He is nowhere

to be found




Copyright © 1995 by Allison Grayhurst





A classic song by Sam Larkin – a great songwriter and friend who died yesterday


Kyp Harness

This is my husband’s work Kyp Harness. Below are links his new video, websites, comic strip: “Mortimer the Slug”, and Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin books.


Quotes about Kyp Harness:

“A great writer.”
Daniel Lanois

“One of the finest songwriters on the planet.”
Ron Sexsmith

“Kyp Harness has amassed a songbook that should rightfully be regarded as a national treasure. ..Discover the brilliance that is Harness’ way with a song. Songwriting Genius.”
Exclaim Magazine

“Kyp Harness is one of the finest songwriters this city – if not this country – has seen. (Kyp Harness has assembled) one of this country’s best songbooks.”
Eye Magazine

“I won’t mince words: Right now, Kyp Harness is the most vital, essential Canadian singer-songwriter out there.”
Calgary Straight

“No-one who professes to care about songwriting in this country or any other can afford to ignore him any longer.”
ID Magazine

“One of the finest songwriters this country has produced.”
Moncton Times Transcript


Kyp Harness’ music:






Kyp Harness’ comic strip “Mortimer the Slug”:





Kyp Harness’ McFarland-published books “The Art of Laurel and Hardy” and “The Art of Charlie Chaplin”: