Without Covers


Without Covers


Because of lips

perfectly full and pulsing,

and hair, black and living like

sea creatures fathoms below that swirl

their strong bodies through the thick dark,

I knelt next to your tallness

and placed my hands in the centre

of your torso. Like feminine blood

your muscles moved, shivering with touch.

Your man’s heart rocked, unconscious

of every thought, and night became for us

a different thing. Came in the colours

of coral reef flowers, came like wet moss

in the hand, came like swallowing

a falling star, like paint dripping through the hair,

as our two bodies merged. And as your thin neck

turned, our closed eyes saw together every

abstract condition collapse, in the flow

of undulating flesh, in the broken frame

of one another’s mortal love.



Copyright © 2000 by Allison Grayhurst





First published in “The Poetry Jar”

The Poetry Jar without covers 1The Poetry Jar without covers 2



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“Allison Grayhurst intertwines a potent spirituality throughout her work so that each poem is not simply a statement or observation, but a revelation that demands the reader’s personal involvement. Grayhurst’s poetic genius is profound and evident. Her voice is uniquely authentic, undeniable in its dignified vulnerability as it is in its significance,” Kyp Harness, singer/songwriter, author.

“Allison Grayhurst’s poems are like cathedrals witnessing and articulating in unflinching graphic detail the gritty angst and grief of life, while taking it to rare clarity, calm and comfort. Grayhurst’s work is haunting, majestic and cleansing, often leaving one breathless in the wake of its intelligence, hope, faith and love amidst the muck of life. Many of Allison Grayhurst’s poems are simply masterpieces. Grayhurst’s poetry is a lighthouse of intelligent honour… indeed, intelligence rips through her work like white water,” Taylor Jane Green, Registered Spiritual Psychotherapist and author.



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