Here, Inside Us All


Here, Inside Us All


What do you call it,

the adulterous, inadequate


of the isolated crowd?

What do you call

the lion-hearted who pave

their way into the chilling



I have heard feet

hurry into the cradle of infinite

night, trying

to find the centre where light

begins and echoes forth

its dreamy rays.

            Outside, on the solid earth, they wander

as their existence diminishes with each forbidden

step. Though bewildered

with their origin and their heavy,

unexplained future, overburdened with the hunger

of how? & why? continuing

up of the pure experience of praising and love


            Their voices, they whisper –

                        All we ask,

                        is to inscribe our names

                        on the skin

                        of eternal rivers, rushing . . . –



Copyright © 1991 by Allison Grayhurst


For Every Rain Cover 5


First published in “Alternative Press Magazine”, 1991 under the pseudonym Jocelyn Kain (aka Allison Grayhurst)



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“Grayhurst’s rapturous outpouring of imagery makes her poems easily enjoyable … Like a sear the poet seeks to fathom sensual and spiritual experience through the images of a dream.” Canadian Literature

 “Allison Grayhurst’s Common Dream is a massive book by a talented and enthusiastic young writer, with a feel for descriptive, meaningful verse. Philosophical and very deep,” Paul Rance, editor of Eastern Rainbow, U.K.,  spring 1993.

“Her poems read like the journal entries of a mystic – perhaps that what they are. They are abstract and vivid, like a dreamy manifestation of soul. This is the best way, in prose, one can describe the music which is … the poetry of Allison Grayhurst,” Blaise Wigglesworth Oh! Magazine

“Rich images and complex, shifting metaphors drive Allison Grayhurst’s poems. She focuses on sexual love and interior landscapes, widening to include the heart, eternity and all.”  Next Exit



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