Two new books FREE on Kindle

My two new poetry books: Walkways and

As My Blindness Burns – three long poems

are available for FREE on Kindle 

starting today November 7

through to and including November 11.

The paperback versions are also available 

for sale on Amazon sites.


Direct Kindle Links:


Walkways cover 2

As My Blindness Burns cover 8


A response to the poem – Walkways:


“This is brilliant! Brilliant. Reminds me of when I first read Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”. And I wanted to stand up on the city bus and exclaim aloud: “Listen to this!” A comprehensive capturing of human earthly experience in all its dimensions without missing a beat – beyond the conscious mind – dancing with the levels of our knowing and sensing – that we feel but do not always recognize, and rarely, oh so rarely articulate. Clearly, Grayhurst’s poetic journey has taken her to the mountain top,” Taylor Jane Green, registered holistic talk therapist and author. 


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