How We Live


How We Live


True like death & like death,



The place of faceless souls

where every soul is tattooed

in the underarm corner, to be glanced

at less than occasionally.

The smell of hopeful submission

gleaming in every Bay Street eye,

in the ghettoes of energy unchained,

in each street corner store.

The sordid obscurity of conviction,

infecting the inner state of grandiose


The love narrowing into

envy. The staggering back,

the punishment.


True like fear & like fear




Copyright © 1991 by Allison Grayhurst


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First published in “Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry” #3. The magazine is now called “The Journal”, 1993

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You can listen to the poem by clicking below:


Somewhere Falling has a richness of imagery and an intensity of emotion rare in contemporary poetry. Drawn in sharp outlines of light and darkness, and rich shades of colour, with a deep sense of loss and longing and the possibility of salvation, this is an unusual book by a gifted young poet. Grayhurst’s voice is one to which we should continue to pay attention.” — Maggie Helwig, author of Apocalypse Jazz and Eating Glass.

“Responsibility and passion don’t often go together, especially in the work of a young poet. Allison Grayhurst combines them in audacious ways. Somewhere Falling is a grave, yet sensuous book.” – Mark Abley, author of Glasburyon and Blue Sand, Blue Moon.

“Biting into the clouds and bones of desire and devotion, love and grief, Allison Grayhurst basks the reader, with breathtaking eloquence, in an elixir of words. Like lace, the elegance is revealed by what isn’t said. This is stunning poetry.” – Angela Hryniuk, author of no visual scars.



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