Keeping In Time


Keeping In Time

Along the gates of afterlife

where poles are swinging in the storm,

I am now a woman with all my evil

and attempts to do good etched

under my eyes. I have a lover,

I have a child and my house is cluttered

with bandages and parcels and recordings

of obscure but revolutionary songs.

Miles of moonlight over the graves,

a turtle leaps into an incoming tide.

Half a world away my senses grow

and my voice is milked by a semi-kindred soul.

There are curtains, the TV and the silken fur

of my favourite cat.

Nothing wounds that hasn’t reached.

With every new day the salt must be replenished

and the labouring waves of devotion, renewed.



Copyright © 2002 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “Imaginary Conversations Lit Page” November 2015

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“Allison Grayhurst intertwines a potent spirituality throughout her work so that each poem is not simply a statement or observation, but a revelation that demands the reader’s personal involvement. Grayhurst’s poetic genius is profound and evident. Her voice is uniquely authentic, undeniable in its dignified vulnerability as it is in its significance,” Kyp Harness, singer/songwriter, author.

“Allison Grayhurst’s poems are like cathedrals witnessing and articulating in unflinching graphic detail the gritty angst and grief of life, while taking it to rare clarity, calm and comfort. Grayhurst’s work is haunting, majestic and cleansing, often leaving one breathless in the wake of its intelligence, hope, faith and love amidst the muck of life. Many of Allison Grayhurst’s poems are simply masterpieces. Grayhurst’s poetry is a lighthouse of intelligent honour… indeed, intelligence rips through her work like white water,” Taylor Jane Green, Registered Spiritual Psychotherapist and author.



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