If there is anything open


If there is anything open


I will return

from infinite dying

and the conscious swallow.

I will say – I will not want,

be a daughter of the root and caterpillar climb.

If there is anything worth keeping

I will keep it on the kitchen table

feed it blueberries, honor its language,

and biology.


But if is only echo, tell me clearly

so I can shut my eyes, turn and open them

elsewhere, find joy in sweeping the stairs

or typing in a mantra – all night, humming without erratic

fire or appetite. If my hands are only hands, let them

be clean, ungrasping, useful, in other ways, holding out

to offer, to receive, surrendering

bread, the stone, a smile.



Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “CultureCult Magazine, Volume 2, Number 1, Issue 7”  March 2017



CultureCult Magazine – Issue #7



Published in “Ink In Thirds, Issue 8” December 2016

ink-in-thirds-3 ink-in-thirds-4 ink-in-thirds-if-there-is-anything-open ink-in-thirds-5 ink-in-thirds-6


Poetry Contributors – Issue 8





Published in “Setu, Fifth Issue” October 2016

setu-1 setu-2 setu-if-there-is-anything-opensetu-4






You can listen to the poem by clicking below:




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