Now you are



you are


Were you the jealous seeker?

Always annihilating intimacy, but craving

a pulsating communion? Were you stuck

on magic and the stagnant fallacy of control?

Were you pinned to a savage terror,

hating everything that made you feel – trees, a follicle of hair,

the smell of summer approaching?  

Are you through with that now? Covered as you are

with deep eternal connection –

limbs and kisses, words and no fear

behind what might be opened?

Are you through with the angel armour,

the denial of  touch, your secret superiority?

Are you on the balcony? It is still a long way to the light.

People are mostly ghosts and you are always desperate,

full of instinct, shunning, and the comfort of solitude.

But you are through with make-belief, with yourself being

a rock of brilliant hues. You are through. You are accepting

all that stands here – love. trust. fierce truth –

made again and again

by such brightness.



Copyright © 2012 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Jotter United Lit-zine, Issue 7”



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