The Faintest Breath of Love is Enough to Save Me


The Faintest Breath of Love

is Enough to Save Me



Inside the box the lid

was pushed up, lifted, pulling out

the weight of darkness, filling

the space with air – fresh as a

blooming sunflower, gathering the

bumble bee and Eastern Grey squirrel.


Without warning the stem snapped,

an essential survival line severed from its source.

The bee and squirrel moved on,

as I must move on, clean up dead stems, petals and seeds,

rest on the front steps, put the debris in the box and bury it

in the same place where

the sunflower once stretched half way to the roof.


I must be brave without beauty to strengthen me,

free of myth and poetic attachments, mingle with

the nest-makers, the earth-foragers, satiate in the present

and tremble with glory, breathing better in spite of decay,

disease and the loss of sustenance.  


Light the box on fire before I bury it.

Bury it while it is burning. Bury it, burning…

holy is this, holy is that,

dream it now

and it will be over, it will be mine.



© 2018 by Allison Grayhurst



Published in “GloMag” March 2018

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Published in “Outlaw Poetry” March 2018




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