The Man and The Snake


The Man and The Snake



Fused, in flight

he dove with haste into the sand pit. So little now to feel,

but hummingbird fear, crushed pebbles and bitter pride.

He danced in the yellowish crevice, swinging

religious aging arms;

as if invisible like the silent atmosphere

of stopped clock hands and snowflakes falling.

The cobra cocked its head. Suspended in the shadows,

its boneless beauty shone with lust.

He touched its tail first, then tongue; rolled

like thunder down its fleshy throat,

kicking his heels against

the interior shell of the snake being.

Breathless, he begged for poison,

or relief.  The snake hissed –

           Tonight, you return to the womb. Close your eyes

           your sanctuary is complete.

His eyelids folded over like petals in a frost.

He kissed the dream, then followed his fate




Copyright © 1991 by Allison Grayhurst




Published in “Ygdrasil – A Journal of the Poetic Arts” July 2018

Click to access Y-1807.pdf

Ygdrasil, July 2018-1807



Published in “Synchronized Chaos” May 2018



Published in “New Mystics” July 2018



You can listen to the poem by clicking below:



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