Tearing Roots


Tearing Roots



Guilt that shatters

the skull of megalomaniacs.


Guilt that motivates early morning

extremes, pacts and dubious proposals.


He was paralyzed in the playground,

taking years to say a single

            no – A childhood

filled furies and thieves.

A child that carried sharpened pencils

in his pockets.


A child in bed, in a lucid dream

of horrid hands rising from the floor,

tugging his dangling foot, pulling

his hair and leaching

his pores of their juice.


Now he rides beyond the blasphemy

of his youth, beyond his

innocence murdered by a careless

tyrant’s siege.


Out of his husk, his form

swims, pursuing a small but majestic






Copyright © 1995 by Allison Grayhurst





Published in “New Mystics” May 2018


Click to access AllisonGrayhurst-Poems4.pdf



You can listen to the poem by clicking below:





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