The Way of Separation


The Way of Separation



If today I cry for you

would you weep

with me, though

your paradise is found

and my life is strange to your eyes?


Blue shade in my

palm. Midnight in

my shoe. I give up

hope, give up the covers

to shield me from ruin.


If you could love me differently,

with a love not so dead to deeds,

so proud in its moral conviction,

would the moon appear different too,

and its bone-white light, could I bear it



            I learn to will my famine numb

            I learn our intimacy was hollow,

            nothing is sure but God

            I learn the way starfish see –

            slow, slow change, that none

            but the intent can observe.


                        (Mortal heart

                        that hears the

                        resonating thunder,

                        feels the owl’s burning

                        eyes. Modern heart

                        of secret logic, robed

                        in the gales of a coming




Do you remember the heat

of our stride, our anxious days

of youth, christened by our friendship?


You go into airy ideals.

I break with your walking.


You go into arms that praise your every gesture.

I look to the river.


You ask my forgiveness.

I am stronger now, enough


to bless (and I bless)

without taking.




Copyright © 1995 by Allison Grayhurst




Published in “”Synchronized Chaos” June 2018



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