Flies by Allison Grayhurst

Raja's Insight

By dawn the flies

released their shape into

the soothing wind and what

came back was the weary pulse

of dying wings grafted to the day.

What world was this inside their

dark heads that honoured the

photograph over the experience,

that held up frivolous wealth like

a deserved trophy?

What faith was plucked with the flowers

as all their little tongues reached out to pocket

the short-term scent?

The flies live in their high castles like undergrounds

enjoying only the drive and privileged complaints.

They call themselves the philanthropists and

the even-tempered elite.

But I see them in the honey jar

and count them as already gone.

© Allison Grayhurst

BookCoverImage Allison Grayhurst

Excerpt from the book “Trial And Witness – Selected Poems”

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Allison GrayhurstAbout the Author

Allison Grayhurst is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. Three of her poems…

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