Mercy without Miracles and Miracles without Mercy

Mercy without Miracles and

Miracles without Mercy



A day 2,500 years ago

and life was the same, struggling

to understand God and fate

and how the stars may hold

prediction but lack all means

of mercy. For mercy

was an evening without power, was weak

as was seen

the majesty of forgiveness.


It was before Jesus came as sibling, as friend,

revealing the depths of God’s grace, the redemption

in surrender and late evening devotion, breathing

with the direction of the wind, open to hardships

as to miracles, orchestrated by a loving hand.


First God was many in our minds,

segregated, dissected, tangled with human

hypocrisies, pride and jealousies.

Then God was one in our minds,

higher, mightier than death, closer still,






let us hold God in our arms, be held like

a tiny flower head is held by a child’s hand,

cupped, yellow buttercup, glowing,

treasured by God, each of us,

a necessary and loved creation.


Back then, even great minds glimpsed

such profound greenery,

but could not complete the joy.


Jesus is

humanity’s completion with God,

connection, void of complications,

like an infant’s first smile or that infant,

growing, learning,

holding out her arms,

saying your name.



Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



Published in “Our Poetry Archive” October 2020



First published in “Chicago Record Magazine” August 2020



You can listen to the poem by clicking below:

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