Light that came

Light that came



Light that came

from the unending grief –

black-hole of pity sphere,

riding, sucking in, swirling

doomed to perpetual collapse.


Light that came

from hours caught in madness,

thrashing in the ribbon-tied, lock-chain

shadow centre – vacuum plague, persistent

as a wild current and just as impersonal.


Light that came

and broke the shell,

reached in and lifted, lifted me out of

the drowning water. That light is

a cold mercy, a sharp sword as my only defence –

detach – slice the limb that offends and watch it

bleed with indifference.


Light that came

to a changeless darkness changed

everything once maimed

so it could walk again.


Light as a miracle, whispered –

don’t give hell power,

separate yourself, cage it,

and when you feel ready,

kiss its forehead, sing it a song

– lullaby, lullaby.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Synchronized Chaos” September 2020



You can listen to the poem by clicking below:

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