Centre-Faith (while dreams swirl all-around)


(while dreams swirl all-around)



Soothsayers and seers and shamans

have children, have the same

rising and falling stars,

cannot say “This is truth”

“This will happen”

There is only God’s voice in the now,

leading to the next step and only

that step until the voice comes again.


Even in times of constant accepted prophecies,

the intelligent threw their crystals,

took notes of the pattern

but balked at the interpreters.

Journeys to the Navel-stone were daily –

whore-kings and crushed-citizens

sacrificed animals and even slaughtered

their own offspring

on the advice they were told.


But God is one

and God is permanent

and us,

being tied to time,

are not privy to visions into the future, no vision exact –

we are all equally blind, and that blindness

is a gift that opens the door to faith,


free-falling in our days,

fortunes and misfortunes,

arms open to God’s ways and grace,

open like a painter choosing his colours

like a poet, her words.


ecstasy in the listening,

surrender in the execution,

gleaming, gloriously summoned

into immediacy, into an all-demanding





Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst





First published in “Synchronized Chaos” September 2020





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