Sister Lost

Sister Lost



A sister lost

to a mad-weave calamity,

hanging off the platform,

an ego-dream of dumb self-importance

– the war on truth that

masks its face as though it were truth,

but is only a gate to an easy explanation,

a system of hellish accusations and propped

up pillars of false justice, combating fake forms,

urging anger forefront, poisoning

by such a sure promise of victory.


I send you sleeping sister. You say

I am sleeping and you twist your conspiracy theories

into a cloak of great magnitude, condescend,

so confident of your place of holy honour.

You jumped over the mark, missed it

and plunged into an upside-down dream of realty.


Once, a sister, a comrade, an unbreakable bond, broken.

I cannot see you. You cannot see the evil

you have wrapped in fool’s gold,

claiming righteousness

as you measure your worth

by this aggressive attack on truth, denying

the wind, a child’s cry, a mother’s redemption.


Sister, I loved you, I still do,

but you have crossed the line.

It is terrifying to watch.

It is a shock to finally see

who you have become.

You took the plunge

long before I accepted your choice.


By your choice, your inner conflict

became an accelerant bile-fire,

you became a plurality, parts, parts

condemned to feed off

intellectual Jell-O,

find entertainment, immaculate purpose

in unbalanced passions and impulses,

claiming a cure by creating a disease.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Our Poetry Archive” October 2020



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