End of the day, relenting,

easing off the mighty restlessness

that overtook the morning

and most of the afternoon.


I know the deeds of my happiness

and the hot flesh branding of my imprisonment.

I know as I held council with the speakers

in my mind – all of them directing me

to wide open freedom and teamwork

to stave off the forces of death

and unrighteous burial.


They tell me it is time to close fast the wounds

that siphon out our power, be brave

as if we were in a deserted city on a mountain

surrounded by a rising sea and shouting winds

clanking their lock-fast swallowing chains.


Hold out they tell me, on the highest tower,

at the highest point, and never

let our trust become captive to fear.


They tell me, even though we look right,

we look left, seeing nothing but sky and clouds,

even though our ankles and knees are already immersed,

as the smells of fishy salt fill our nostrils,

holding our hands above the pressing doom,

engage with God, they tell me.


All at once, the voices tell me,

stand equal, and in that equality,

the light will come.


Let us be one and we will know mercy,

stronger than gravity, than all of our bones combined.

The light will come and it will love us,

conquering, alleviating the final struggle.


Copyright © 2021 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Atunis Galaxy Poetry and anthology” March 2021, August 2021



Published in “Synchronized Chaos” April 2021

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