Becoming passes into being,

and heightened intensity

is restored – every moment,

alert and bearing anxiety

for the reasonable necessity it is,

in this time, this coming year

of upheaval and uncertainty.


            No joy will ever exceed the joy

            found when the light restored in your eyes,

            and your arms embraced mine from the

            hospital bed where you lay in a blue cloak

            with tubes and needles, and your mind, finally aware,

            your heart, at once fragile with shock and fear,

            but vital, perpetual in its outpouring love.


            Beautiful son, 18, eclipsing every ideal

            with your innate wisdom, compassion and energy,

            leaping in youthful courageous commitment, tough

            where you need to be, strong and accomplished, kind

            like the sun is kind by rising, and the hawk

            as it flies overhead calling, driving home the mystery

            and the majesty of the dream.


Copyright © 2021 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “Atunis Galaxy Poetry and anthology” March 2021, August 2021






Published in “Synchronized Chaos” April 2021

Synchronized Chaos April 2021 1Synchronized Chaos April 2021 2Synchronized Chaos April 2021 3Synchronized Chaos April 2021 Onward 1Synchronized Chaos April 2021 Onward 2Synchronized Chaos April 2021 bio





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