Wedding Band

Wedding Band



So much already surprised us,

the seizure thinning of sanity, thickening

chaotic bile.

The loss, barely bearable,

the ineffectualness of love,

all kaleidoscopes shattered, every facet of our beings,

bent to, immersed in, fragility.


It wasn’t the stars – 

they are always saying

hoot! and ahhhh!

it has never been them nor

their sway upon our inner equilibrium and

our outer balancing of gravity.

It wasn’t even how deep and involved our prayers were

or even our feeble masks of courage,

denting our dignity so we could have a new form to try on,

taste, and learn what taste is, yet again.


What it was and is is chance,

the dispelling of random energy until the whole illusion grows

transparent – and we, divinely shocked out of

our complacency, our certainty,

resemble helpless fledglings, crushed

by a fall.


What it is is rising,

rising from that, still broken,

incapable of flight, but

capable of asking God

to lift us and wait with faith

for the rising up.


What it is is leaving

our crushed shells while still inhabiting them,

living for the fountain-spring, the miracle,

not working within the natural laws, not

manipulating those laws with tailspin good luck charms,

knowing the miracle is in our leaving,

accepting our unknowing

in this bright surrender, this marriage vow,

river received, inception.



Copyright © 2021 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Synchronized Chaos” April 2021

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