The Peace of Angels

The Peace of Angels



I will release to receive

the peace of angels.


I will count the changes

as realizations, tip over

the radicalized, and be singular

in my transcendence.


Purpose is a translation. Within

are experiences discarded

or validated by memories.


Floating or being summoned

are counterweights, dangerous to stand


but in the middle.


Loss is a hot vapour – burns as it first rises

and then, no more.

Love is everything – fills a moment

with the breath of eternity.


I will find the colour that draws me

the closest and I will choose it.

I will release the rest, know this surrender

as an exhale, a baptism to witness

that splits the sky.


Copyright © 2021 by Allison Grayhurst



Published in “Dumpster Fire Press and Voices from the Fire Anthology” April 2021Dumpster 3Dumpster 2Dumpster 1Dumpster The Peace of Angels 1Dumpster The Peace of Angels 2Dumpster The Peace of Angels 3



Published in “ILA Magazine, Issue 3” May 2021 and “ILA Magazine Feature Poet” September 2021

ILA Magazine - 1ILA Magazine - The Peace of Angels



Published in “Chicago Record Magazine” March 2021

Chicago Record - March 2021 1Chicago Record - March 2021 The Peace of Angels



You can listen to this poem by clicking the link below:






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