Calling Again

Calling Again



My clothes are loose

my mind is out of the shadows,

stern in its unwavering demands.

God is my one protector

from disaster and from

unhealthy bonds.

I will keep my faith as each day

draws me close to the gaping maw

quaking darkness that I know will consume

my strength and my peace.

I will hold faith each step I get closer,

trust in my rescue, blind as I am, wobbly

and languishing. I will have faith and grow myself

a brightness that will flash and flood the

tangled thorns, blast through doubt and time

and impossibility. I will trust in my saviour, the

One who sent him, merge with him and play

the tambourine in joyful abandon.

I will find my feet lifted from this path

until I see this path below

and then never again.


Grace fills the air like the scent of incense burning.

Grace is revealed as the only door

out and into a good life.

I will keep faith, have my yoke lightened,

fueled by a journey of less dread, more

alignment, sacred dependency.




Copyright © 2022 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Academy of the Heart and Mind” July 2022



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