The fragility of failure,

sunset over the ruined city

and life never the flowering garden

it could be.

       All is captured by death,

after leaving heaven and

when returning – decay and fear and hope

of eternity in spite of the silence.

       A wilderness of anxiety overtaking

the summit, suffocating the interior

with its acid juices, following the chain link

until the grave.

       Waste and enormous hunger,

rejecting reality to keep sane.

This is no way to continue,

no life of rapid transitions or stepping out

of the mire onto solid land.

       Here, the temperature is predictable,

the yawning pit of disaster is always expanding,

nearing and nearing.

       So take this last bit of courage

stand on the edge and let yourself go,

know what it is to be truly radical,

risking the fall, committed

to the end result.



Copyright © 2022 by Allison Grayhurst



Published in “The Wise Owl – Pine Edition” October 2022



Published in “Across The Margin” July 2022



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