Because I said

it was not enough,

the emptiness came

like a hard beat plummeting

me into doom.

       Because I cared to record

each pain, betrayal and fracture,

I could not walk fast and glinting,

dragged back and down.

       Because I lost my worship,

I lost my joy and the heat of life

that inspires.


       Because I took heed of these pitfalls

and take one section of the day at a time

to do and explore both service and favour,

I am uncovering a mosaic beneath my feet,

smelling scents I thought disappeared with my youth.

       Because I keep the rituals that keep me sane,

in storm or shade, I pray more than I dream

and when I dream it is about abstractions,

about tree branches, blankets, about

the hair’s breadth distance between sea and stars.




Copyright © 2023 by Allison Grayhurst


“The poems included in Allison Grayhurst’s poetry collection Running, lightwave riding reveal an impressive artistic perfection and creative energy. The poems are full of lyrical force and show freshness of style. No doubt, this is a significant work. The poems have great power of observation and originality of imagination,” Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agarwal publisher Cyberwit.net



First published in “Literary Revelations” March 2023




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