Broken longing

healed in the eyes

of a tender receiver, blessed

by mercy and the promise of perpetual drink.

Soft, silky warmth beside me

fragile and more precious than

any perfectly-cut gemstone.


Faith once mangled now restored

to a richer glory than introduced before.

Solitude in communion – God inside

a gentle touch, mutual bond and loneliness appeased.


Sweet waters of fate receive me,

my neck is stretched high,

my arms are a basket.


Let the unassuming reign,

place me secure in this place

where the private and the meagre

are honoured, quietly

declared yours.



Copyright © 2023 by Allison Grayhurst


“The poems included in Allison Grayhurst’s poetry collection Running, lightwave riding reveal an impressive artistic perfection and creative energy. The poems are full of lyrical force and show freshness of style. No doubt, this is a significant work. The poems have great power of observation and originality of imagination,” Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agarwal publisher Cyberwit.net



Published in “Sahityapost” June 2023





First published in “Synchronized Chaos” May 2023




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  1. Through the mending of brokenness, the embrace of vulnerability, and the recognition of divine presence, we find solace and meaning in the simplicity of life’s quiet moments.

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