Poetry is Breath

Poetry is Breath


       Poetry is breath,

not a sailboat sunk

decades ago mid-ocean,

far from any desire for discovery

let alone retrieval.

       Poetry is everything,

not the thing never talked about,

avoided into non-existence

because it is uncomfortable

and far too strange.

       Poetry is like God,

only not God, but tied to God

like a puppet to the puppeteer’s strings

dependant on God for any and all


       Poetry is coming,

burning down the aisle

to its lasting consummation.

       Deny it and it will by-pass you,

and its gift, its magnificence

(like a first love that feels

that first love unending)

you will never experience.

       Poetry is not song.

In some ways (thunder-lightning beat)

more primal.

In some ways (blood-curdling word connections)


       Poetry is not like birth

is more like death –

only mentioned when necessary,

but always inevitably


       Poetry is breath.

If you love it, you will know it

like a lover, satisfying, surprising,

strenuously demanding.

If you pretend it is not for you,

then it is not,

and you will go through your days

without it, missing that meal,

that next-layer rare connection

that has no substitute or important equal.




Copyright © 2023 by Allison Grayhurst




Published in “Cultural Reverence”  June 2023






Published in “Fevers of the Mind” June 2023




Published in “Cultural Reverence” June 2023



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