Kyp Harness

This is my husband’s work Kyp Harness. Below are links his new video, websites, comic strip: “Mortimer the Slug”, and Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin books.


Quotes about Kyp Harness:

“A great writer.”
Daniel Lanois

“One of the finest songwriters on the planet.”
Ron Sexsmith

“Kyp Harness has amassed a songbook that should rightfully be regarded as a national treasure. ..Discover the brilliance that is Harness’ way with a song. Songwriting Genius.”
Exclaim Magazine

“Kyp Harness is one of the finest songwriters this city – if not this country – has seen. (Kyp Harness has assembled) one of this country’s best songbooks.”
Eye Magazine

“I won’t mince words: Right now, Kyp Harness is the most vital, essential Canadian singer-songwriter out there.”
Calgary Straight

“No-one who professes to care about songwriting in this country or any other can afford to ignore him any longer.”
ID Magazine

“One of the finest songwriters this country has produced.”
Moncton Times Transcript


Kyp Harness’ music:



Kyp Harness’ comic strip “Mortimer the Slug”:




Kyp Harness’ McFarland-published books “The Art of Laurel and Hardy” and “The Art of Charlie Chaplin”:


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  1. Loved the music – kind of hoped for a slightly mournful Dylanesque harmonica in the background (er but not the sharp harmonic type), But I guess you will both know what I mean

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